A bond formed across distance

Through donations to the Peter’s Pence, not only all the activities of the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia that assist the Pope every day in the exercise of his ministry are guaranteed, but also a number of solidarity projects in favor of the most needy.

Since the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis undertook the reform of the structures of the Curia so that they all become “more mission-oriented” (Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium, 27), to make the Curia “con-form to the Good News which must be proclaimed joyously and courageously to all, especially to the poor, the least and the outcast. To make it con-form to the signs of our time and to all its human achievements, so as better to meet the needs of the men and women whom we are called to serve. At the same time, this means con-forming the Curia ever more fully to its purpose, which is that of cooperating in the ministry of the Successor of Peter” (Address on the Occasion of the Presentation of the Christmas Greetings to the Roman Curia, 22 December 2016).

The Holy Father considers essential the collaboration of all those who work in the Holy See at the service of the Pope, the Church, the local Churches, the Bishops and all the faithful, and he has expressed it on several occasions: “ without the work that you do, things would not go well, and this means that the work of the Church would not go well, one would not be able to do so much work for the preaching of the Gospel, to help so many people, the sick, schools, so many things. You are a part of this “chain” that carries forward the work of the Church” (Address of Pope Francis to the Vatican employees, 21 December 2017).

Regarding solidarity with our brothers in need, following the COVID-19 pandemic, Pope Francis drew attention to the new forms of poverty that have been added to the previous ones, especially among the many families who have found themselves in financial straits overnight.

To this exceptional situation “we cannot give a usual response - said the Holy Father -, but a new, different response is required. It is necessary to have a heart that knows how to ‘see’ the wounds of society and creative hands in active charity. Heart that sees and hands that do. These two elements are important so that a charitable action may always be fruitful”.

“We must know how to look at human wounds with the heart in order ‘to take to the heart’, the life of the other’'. Hence this is no longer just a help to a stranger, but first of all, a brother, a brother begging for love. And only when we take someone to heart can we respond to this expectation. This is the experience of mercy: miseri-cor-dare, give your heart to the miserable” (Address to the members of St. Peter’s Circle, 25 September 2020).

Thanks to the generosity of those who donate to St. Peter's Pence, Pope Francis can take care of many brothers in difficulty by sending them concrete help (to know more, visit the sections “COVID-19 pandemic” and “Works realized”).


“I am grateful to you, for the money that you collect every year in the churches of the city and offer it to me for St. Peter’s Pence” (Address to the members of St. Peter’s Circle, 25 September 2020).