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We inform you as a user of the website that the website displayed in the URL: (hereafter referred to as the "SITE") is property of THE Office of the Peter’s Pence (Ufficio Obolo di San Pietro, (00120) Vatican City (hereafter, "OBOLO"), tel. + 39-06-69884851, fax + 39-06-69883954, E-mail

The SITE and all its contents, including texts, images, sounds, databases, codes and any other material, are the property of OBOLO or third parties who have authorized the use of it by OBOLO.



The SITE was created to provide a space through which the people accessing it (hereafter "USER") can receive information and contribute to the charitable works of the Holy Father through the donation form.

This Legal Notice is intended to inform the SITE USER about the conditions governing access and general use of the SITE, and therefore access to and use of it necessarily implies acceptance and respect of these terms of use.



The information contained in the SITE is in effect that of the date of the last update and must be considered as introductory information for the USER regarding the products and services and other information contained in the SITE. If the USER wishes to confirm the date of the update of any information, he can request it through the "CONTACTS" section available on the SITE or by sending an e-mail to

The conditions of use contained in this notice can be completed by OBOLO through the special conditions that govern the use of certain products or services that can be offered on the SITE. These special conditions will replace, complete or modify this Legal Notice and the Terms of Use, if applicable. In the event of contradiction, the Special Conditions will prevail over this Legal Notice and Conditions of Use.



Access or use of the SITE is free and is carried out under the exclusive responsibility of the USER, who must have sufficient legal and representation capacity for such use.

OBOLO declines all responsibility deriving from the improper use of its contents. The information contained in the SITE is that in effect of the date of the last update and must be considered introductory information for the USER regarding the products and services and other information contained in the SITE.

The donation function is PROHIBITED to persons under the age of eighteen (18).

OBOLO can contact the USER to verify that one meets the requirement of the required age.

YOU agree not to use the information, products or services that OBOLO makes available to you to carry out activities contrary to the law, morality or public order and undertakes to use them in accordance with such conditions. Similarly, the products or services offered on the SITE for the USER are for personal use and not to be used by the USER for economic or commercial purposes.

Access and use of the SITE involves the commitment and obligation for the USER to use the SITE correctly, in accordance with the principles of good faith, morality and public order. The USER undertakes not to use the SITE for fraudulent purposes, and not to behave in a way that could damage the image, interests and rights of OBOLO or third parties, undertaking to use the SITE, the services and the contents thereof diligently, correctly and legally. USER undertakes to refrain from performing any act that could damage usability, overload or deteriorate the SITE or prevent in any way the normal use and functioning.



USERS take responsibility for the use of the SITE. This responsibility extends to the required registration to access certain services or contents. The USER undertakes to make appropriate use, as well as the contents and services that OBOLO can offer through the SITE and, for informational and non-limiting purposes, not to use them: (i) to engage in activities illicit, illegal or contrary to good conduct and public order; (ii) disseminate contents or defamatory propaganda, racist, sexist, xenophobic, violent, pornographic or clearly illicit or illegal nature, defending terrorism or damaging human rights; (iii) cause damage to the physical and logical systems of OBOLO, its suppliers or third parties, introducing or spreading computer viruses or other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing the aforementioned damages; (iv) attempt to access and, where appropriate, use the email accounts of other users and modify or manipulate their messages.

OBOLO acts as an intermediary that makes the SITE available to the USER. OBOLO will not be liable for any damage caused to the USER, caused by failures or disconnections in the communication networks that produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the services of the SITE during the performance of the same or with a prior character. OBOLO does not assume responsibility for damages of any kind caused due to improper use of the SITE and caused by the same USER



OBOLO reserves the right to modify and update, without notice, the contents, products and services, configuration and presentation of the SITE, as well as to eliminate them and limit or prevent their temporary or permanent access.

Consequently, under no circumstances will OBOLO be responsible for the consequences of any interruptions, as it cannot guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the SITE.


OBOLO declines all responsibility for any information not contained on the SITE and, therefore, not processed by OBOLO or not published under its name. In particular, it declines any responsibility for the information contained in Web Sites or third-party blogs that can be linked via links to the OBOLO SITE.

Similarly, OBOLO is not responsible for any security errors that may occur due to the use of computers infected with computer viruses or for the consequences that may derive from the malfunctioning of the browser or from the use of non-updated versions of the same. Therefore, OBOLO is not responsible, under any circumstances, for damages of any kind that may be caused to the USER, despite having OBOLO adopted all the necessary measures to avoid them.



All the contents of the SITE are the intellectual property of OBOLO or, where appropriate, of third parties, unless otherwise specified. For a purely enunciative purpose, the contents include the texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audio-visual or sound tracks, as well as their graphic design and source codes.

Similarly, trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs are the exclusive property of OBOLO or, where appropriate, of third parties, unless otherwise specified. YOU must comply at all times with all intellectual and industrial property rights on the SITE owned by OBOLO or third parties.

The transfer of intellectual property rights on the SITE is expressly prohibited.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, modification and, in general, any act of exploitation or commercial use of all or part of the contents (images, texts, drawings, indexes, forms, etc.) that make up the SITE is prohibited, as well as the databases and software necessary for their display or operation, in the absence of a previous and explicit authorization from OBOLO.



Reproduction, copying, use, distribution, marketing, public communication or any other activity that may be carried out with the information contained in the SITE and that is performed without the authorization of OBOLO is strictly prohibited.

Similarly, access to or use of the SITE for illegal or unauthorized purposes, for profit or not, is prohibited.

OBOLO may inform the competent judicial and police authorities of any violation of the applicable legislation or, where appropriate, the possible commission of a crime.

Furthermore, if a user detects or is aware of any improper or inadequate use or is in breach of any of the rules contained in the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use, he may contact OBOLO through the channels indicated in point 10



If a person or entity detects that its contents have been published on the SITE without its consent, generating a violation of intellectual or industrial property rights or the right to honour, privacy or image or any other right, it is possible to inform OBOLO by:

  • • Registered letter sent to OFFICE OBOLO DI SAN PIETRO, (00120) Vatican City;
  • • E-mail: by means of a message sent to the following e-mail address: with the subject "Violation of Rights".
  • In both cases, the petition must be accompanied by the following information:
  • • Identification of the content or personal data or protected rights that have been violated.
  • • Identification of the aforementioned content sufficiently so that OBOLO can locate it within the SITE.
  • • Sufficient identification so that OBOLO can contact the complainant (e-mail address and telephone number).
  • • Copy of an identity document that allows the identification of the complainant.
  • • A signed declaration in which the complainant states that the above information is truthful and that he is the rightful owner (or authorized to act in his name) of the allegedly infringed rights.



Any technical, logical or technological resource by virtue of which someone, USER or not of the SITE, can exploit, directly or indirectly, for profit or non-profit purposes, the contents of the SITE is prohibited.

No USER may insert in his website, blog, forum or any social network, a link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that redirects to url of SITE or OBOLO content or SITE or OBOLO profiles, which may violate the rights to the privacy, honour and image of its users. If OBOLO detects any connection of these characteristics, it will be fully authorized to intervene in order to eliminate this link and, if necessary, to inform the competent authorities.



All the provisions of this Legal Notice and Conditions of Use will be applicable to the accesses that the USER makes on the SITE through a telephone or a mobile device.

In this regard, the USER must take into account that OBOLO does not charge any amount for access via the mobile terminal to the SITE, but that the USER's mobile operator will apply the tariff that the USER has contracted to send and receive data. Consequently, with its use, the USER understands and accepts that his mobile operator can charge him for the cost of connection of data, text messages or other accesses through the mobile network.

For all the above mentioned, OBOLO advises the USER to check with his/her operator what charges and commissions are applied when using the SITE through a mobile terminal, as well as if they are subject to any type of restriction. The USER alone will be responsible for any costs incurred by accessing the Service via their phone or mobile device.

OBOLO is not responsible for the restrictions that the mobile operator may have imposed and that could prevent the normal operation of the SITE. Likewise, the USER is responsible for knowing if his mobile operator, his service contract and his mobile terminal are suitable for access to the SITE. In case of failure in the telecommunications network of your mobile operator, loss or breakage of your mobile terminal, OBOLO will not accept any responsibility in this regard.



The various products, services or applications governed by this Legal Notice and Terms of Use are managed by OBOLO, an office that operates from the Vatican City State. Although these products, services or applications may be accessible from outside the Vatican City State, the USER understands and accepts that these have been designed to be used by any person or entity in any country or jurisdiction where the use of the same is not contrary to local laws or regulations in force at the time of use.

The use of the products, services or applications of the SITE by the USER in a particular country will be under the responsibility of the user himself. The USER alone is responsible for compliance with the laws of the countries from which the access is made to the SITE and its contents.



OBOLO may replace or modify, at any time, for technical reasons or for changes in the provision of the service or in the legislation, as well as for changes that may derive from applicable type of codes or, where from apt, strategic business decisions, the Legal Notice and the Terms of Use.

OBOLO advises the USER to consult periodically the Legal Notice and the Terms of Use, as they may be modified.

Whenever desired, it is possible to consult the current version of the Legal Notice and Terms of Use section that appears at the bottom of the SITE.